Hair Color

Mangled, Dirty Grayish-White

Eye Color

Foggy Gray, once Green










Aged Druid

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Chapter Three

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Aurelius is a bitter, ancient Druid who crosses paths with Alf and Fravir as the were searching for Ashen. Initially, he wants nothing to do with the heroes but when Alf heals him from his poisoning he tags along and leads them into the forest. Along the way, Aurelius discovers that the heroes quest for love which he is morally against so he goes his separate way, only to be reminded of similar events in his past.



Little is known about where exactly Aurelius came from but he has revealed that his parents died when he was a child and he was sent to live with a Brotherhood of Druids. He left the brotherhood and through a series of events he gained the ability to age much older then any other human, an ability he no longer wishes to possess. In an attempt to rid himself of his immortality, Aurelius infiltrated demonic temple and consumed a damned elixir. The potion did not bring him death but instead made his life all the more unbearable. Still as determined as ever, Aurelius continued to progress through the forest.

Chapter ThreeEdit

The Crossroads of DestinyEdit

Aurelius first encountered the heroes on a path through the Forest of Maroni. Weak from the potion , he collapsed and starts coughing up blood. Ignoring his request to be left alone, Alf heals his wound with the help of Saratonia. Although he is grateful to him for easing his pain, Aurelius in angry that the elixir did not work and he takes his anger out on Alf and Fravir. Now that he has no plans, Aurelius decides to accompany the heroes into the forest despite their mistrust in his character.

This Way, LadsEdit

When Alf begins to worry that they won't get to Ashen in time, Aurelius uses his Druid Magic to create a shortcut through the forest. But his continuous mysteriousness angers Alf and to humor him Aurelius tells him about his past. Fravir and Alf learn that Aurelius was once a Druid but before he goes into detail he digresses because of the last time he fully revealed his origins.

"Love, a Dreadful Bond"Edit

As they proceeded down the path, Alf began to tell Aurelius stories of their quest and his love for Ashen.

Changing TimesEdit


A Flaming SacrificeEdit

Chapter FourEdit

Alone AgainEdit






Aurelius' old master.


An important female in Aurelius' life.

Dorgann, Xezat, and KelgerEdit

Three adventurers Aurelius once journeyed with.


  • Just about every detail from Aurelius' life comes from another source that I won't mention right now seeing as his story is not over yet.
  • The name Aurelius came from Arthurian legend. Uther Pendragon, Father of King Arthur, had two brothers, Constans and Aurelius Ambrosius.