Chase Deotrano is Alf's older brother. He was once on the side of Bokriseigel to destroy Alf, Ashen and Fravir. But little did Bokriseigel know how powerful they were. Though, when Chase first visited Alf, he was finally starting to come around to who he really was. He saw his little brother for the first time in 4 years. How could he destroy his little brother? Chase did not have a big role, but he had an important role. After he decided to leave Bokriseigel and Join Alf, Chase pointed out that he had the other half of Alf's blade, The Nevtelluma. Chase was never considered useless even after that. After Fravir has sent Alf and Ashen to Starros, Chase had heard of their travels to the town and he decided to stay there. He did not want to get in the way of the heroes. Even his little brother was stonger than he was. Later on, Chase let him know via Heart to Heart at the worst possible time, that he was leaving. Needless to say, Alf was in tears. his older brother was leaving again. But this time, he would be in starros. Waiting for his little brother to make his rounds... Someday