Demna is the mother of Gerosin and Krotosen and is a Divine Dragon who resides in the Divine Dragon Realm. She has a caring personality.



Once upon a time, Demna lived in peace with her two children, Krotosen and Gerosin. Krotosen had a dark and ambitious soul. Once he angered the Divine Dragon Elders, Demna, Krotosen, and Gerosin had to flee. Krotosen eventually made a dark deal with the wizard, Bokrisiegel. The family was seperated; Demna was locked away in the jails of Magna Draconis, the Divine Dragon Capital. She hasn't been heard from since...

Chapter FourEdit

Demna is first physically found by Gerosin in the confines of the Magna Draconis jail. She tells Gerosin all of her regrets, mostly consisting of how Gerosin's future resulted. After she is finished, she tells him and Fravir that they must escape. With the help of Saratonia, Gerosin and Fravir phase through the bars, while Naomi chooses to remain with Demna. Later, while the heroes were resting in Starros, Demna appears to Alf, Ashen, Fravir, Gerosin, Korgen, Cassidy and the rest of the group that the Guardian is ravaging the Drath Continent and that they must stop it before Shrow'd gets to it first.