The Drath are a race of people from the Miashona who can shift from human-looking forms into animal forms. When in human form, they still have certain animal-like physical traits, such as tails, wings, or claws. They are known in legend as the "Strength race", as they possess a greater deal of physical might compared to the Humans. There are many different species, or tribes, of Drath.

Drath consider it dishonorable to fight with their natural weapons while not in animal form. They are proud races, and the conflict between them and humans runs deep. However, while some hate the humans, others are friendly and unprejudiced towards their counterparts. Some humans are kind to these Drath while others are very harsh. Many Humans and Drath wish to live with the other species in peace, but they are in the minority.

Drath TypesEdit

Dragon Drath

Wolf Drath

Tiger Drath

Eagle Drath

Sea Drath

Hawk Drath

Lion Drath