The Druids were a group of Elemental manipulatists and that was formed 2500 years ago by a man named Ohndrueth.


The first druid was a philosopher named Ohndrueth Saville. Ohndreuth was known for his philosphic, mathmatic, and writings and was held in high esteem for most of his life by his kingdom but one night through divine intervention he came to a realization about the gods of his kingdom: they were wrong. One would not achieve true spiritual happiness through sacrifice and worship, to be truly happy one would work with the world that they exist in. He left his kingdom to escape the corruption of society but wherever he went the peoples wrongs seemed to echo until in his searches he came across a hardly inhabited island that was secluded from the outside world. Here he set up a sanctuary for himself and every day he meditated on becoming one with nature.

Now the island he found was owned by the king of his abandon kingdom as a trade storage location. Soon word escaped about Ohndrueth's beliefs. A series of his followers heard of his beliefs and soon became his disciples and traveled to the island to join him. When Ohndrueth and his disciples had become totally connected with nature they began to share in nature's abilities. Eventually Ohndrueth reached the end of his human life, he had been so linked with nature that he returned to it through reincarnation. He became the first tree on the island.

Ohndrueth's disciples became the first druids and they recruited more members to join in their beliefs. The island was later known as Gloceana and for centuries was the core home of all druid activities. Ohndrueth's tree grew old and large and the druids worshiped it as the core of all druid philosophies.