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Brother- Jacob, Mother- Unamed, Father- Unamed


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Chapter Three

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Ether is an important Character in the RPG. At the time being he is considered an Anti-Hero rather than a Hero.



Chapter ThreeEdit

Ether starts as a confused knight out for hire. His one true purpose is to stop the king of the land who's soldiers took the life of his father. Starting his adventure by comeing across a village recently burned to the ground. There he meets a small girl just bearly holding onto the life she has. durring this short time the girl hands Ether a small doll and ask's if he will hold onto it. This touches Ether as the little girl dies in his arms, he shows his lighter side. Ether then proceedes on through the dessert having many thoughts on the life he once had. His brother Jacob and a father who's name is not mentioned. The dessert becomes to much for Ether to handle he faints from the over excesive amount of heat and lack of water. While almost dead Ether travels to a spirit world. Where he is greated by three goddesses they tell Ether of a mission they need him to go on for them. Ether excepts and is givin the tools to complete this mission. The sword Aether and a suit of armor known as The Armor of the Drath. Ether then wakes from the spirit world to find that he is no longer in the desert but now in fact in a forest. Freaking out he runs from the small camp he is being held at, just as his helper Brendan walks in. Ether escapes on his horse Ebony and the two wander through the forest. Ether recieves news about the man that saved him and is told that he is to kill the man. As Ether searches for the man he finds out that the Armor of the Drath can change into any figure he wants. And also grants him the ability to talk to animals. So he strikes up several conversations with his horse Ebony. Ether finds Brendan and decideds this is the time to attack. As he attacks a power not known to him prevents him from doing so, letting Brendan get away. Days go by and Ether recieves news again to find the group of warriors, that the man he was supposed to kill was from, and join their ranks. Ether does so and goes on several encounters with them. The one adventure that sticks out the most is when he travels with Brendan and Jencks to find the third spirit shard. To save the life of Lady Ashen. As they travel on this quest the friendship bond between Brendan and Ether is revealed and Ether starts to have second thoughts on who is the right and wrong person to follow. They find the person holding the third spirit shard but as they come to the point of retrieving it only Brendan is able to enter the room, leaving Ether and Jencks to stand alone outside. As they stand guard, two figures aproach them Hamari and Hath. These two resemble wolves and have certain features of wolves also. They tell ether not to listen to those that he serves. after they speak for a while they leave and brendan returns holding the lady that also happens to be his sister. They all return to the group and Lady Ashen is saved. After the party settles down and peace is restored to the group ether is teleported to the Tower of Digrestor. There the goddess that he served reveals she is in fact Shenira. She then releases the Guardian with ethers help and Ether is fused with the Guardian Out of force. Deep within the battle Jencks shoots the silver arrow straight at ethers heart. Making it so Fravir, brendan and saratonia can enter into his heart. Inside the three see ether having a war with himself. trying to over power the darkness. They try to help but before they can do anything of real use the darkness throws them out of ether.

Chapter FourEdit

On The RunEdit

After Ether was removed from the Guardian, he suffered from his injury where Jencks shot him. Ebony then carried Ether to the nearest city, in a desperate search for assistance. Hath found Ether, healed him using a plant called the abadagi, and informed him of the Drath. Soon after, the townsfolk learned of Hath and forced Ether, Hath, and Ebony to flee the town and take a ship.

Storm and RescueEdit

Once on the ship, Hath introduces Ether to Dijn, the captain, who tells Ether of the Drath continent. Soon afterwards, the ship experienced a storm, where Ether and Hath are knocked overboard. Ether is saved by Tyria, a beautiful sea drath, and is then escorted back to Hath by her, who then swam back to sea. Once in a drath city, Hath took Ether to Hamari who explained Ether's heritage as a Kinji.