Fravir Shaolisral


Male-played by Captain1986

Hair Color

Graying Brunnette

Eye Color

Pale Blue


Ashen Alferion Gerosin Korgen Brendan Saratonia


Bokrisiegel Sheyd Shenira


Masamune Muramasa






Varies between weapons, but mostly light

First Appearance

Chapter One

Sir Fravir Shaolisral is one of the main protagonists of the RPG.



Chapter OneEdit

A New BeginningEdit

Sir Fravir Shaolisral, along with to others, had recieved word that a woman of nobility was requesting a few to aid her on a quest. Someone had stolen her daughter, and she wanted her back. Fravir was introduced to the others: Alferion Deotrano, Stephen, and Lady Ashen Night. Little did they know that this was the first time in a long time Fravir had served as a Knight, but they would find out soon enough...

A Bit RustyEdit

While they made their way towards where Cassidy, ashen's daughter, was being kept, they were stopped by a man named Jekuthial. This man offered to train them in the art they were most adept in. There are three arts of combat: Magic, Swordsmanship, and Archery. Fravir, being adept at swordplay, was trained in that area, only to find out that he was indeed, a bit rusty.

Once trained, the group began to travel again, only to be stopped by an odd man named Gerosin. He surrounded them in flames using an adapted version of Flare Wall. Fravir, Alf, Stephen, and one that joined them after Jekuthial's training, Korgen, Attempted to fight Gerosin. Ashen, however, told him to take her since she was the one that his master, Darren, wanted.

This broke Alf's heart as he revealed to the group he was in love with Lady Ashen. This was quite a surprise but it only fueled their determination more. So once again the group began to travel. After a while, they came to an inn of sorts. At this in, Gerosin attacked Alf, who told everyone else to stay out of it.

Once Alf won the fight, he offered to let Gerosin join the group and abandon Darren. Gerosin declined, wanting to find a cure for the power he stole from Darren. After he did so, he awakened the Dark Sir Homkronite, who sought out the group and tried to kill them. Near the end of the battle, Fravir was dealt a nasty blow, which took him out of commission for a while.

Awkward SilenceEdit

Nailed by Sir Homkronite, Fravir was knocked unconscious for quite a while. While in this state however, he had an epiphany. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED IN THE STORY YET, BUT THE AUTHOR IS TOO LAZY TO DO THIS LATER. Fravir was in a realm unknown to him. He seemed to be walking on air, and all around him was crystal pillars made of...solid light. This place was truly an oddity...this...this...Light Realm. Up ahead, Fravir saw a pedestal and a blade inside the pillar itself, only the hilt was accesable.

Fravir grabbed the hilt and a voice rang out throughout the realm: "Knight of light and warrior true, accept this gift bestowed upon you. Though your travels wearying be, May this Blade

Warrior of LightEdit

Chapter TwoEdit

Fravir played a much more active role in the next quest. on a stop by a forest, Fravir was nearly killed by an evil spirit. His blade however warded the spirit away somehow and a voice told him he was safe. Later on, on the mountains after Gerosin and Brendan had fallen, he was teleported back to his friends by the same voice that seemed to come from his blade. Brendan and Gerosin had fused into Gerodan and had been haunted in their sleep by the Evil Verenrath. The spirit that helped fravir transported him inside Gerodan's dreams, where Verenrath was attempting to kill Gerosin. The spirit from his blade then revealed itself-ot rather HERself- to be a beautiful spirit of a once princess,Saratonia, cursed to dwell in the Masamune by a dark sorcerer. She having a heart of pure light, transformed the blade into what it was then, and then after she revealed herself, she transformed the blade again into a Crystal Katana, a more powerful form of the Masamune. Fravir used this blade to rid Gerodan of Verenrath and was transported out. Later on, he met Saratonia's sister, Shenira, who was also cursed having a dark heart into the Muramasa, a blade of complete darkness. Alf unconscious, Fravir entered his heart, only to be transported along with Alf to Bokrisiegel's realm. Bokrisiegel made Fravir relive his horrifying past of slaying an innocent 17 year old girl. it turns out it was Bokrisiegel who sent Fravir to do so. Using this anger and hate, Fravir unlocked the truepower of the Muramasa: the Soul Splitter: a move that tears the victims spirit from his body, with Bokrisiegel gone, Fravir had to face Brendan's father: Raphores.


Fravir tends to keep to himself in all that he does. He seemingly has alot of battle experience and limitless wisdom, however he admits to not knowing everything. He has made some dire mistakes in his life that no one knew untill Bokrisiegel told Alf. Outside, Fravir has a cold shell, but he is broken hearted inside, even years later, that he slew a young girl. He has a soft spot for Saratonia and would defend Alf and Ashen if it costed him his life in return. Currently seeking a piece of evidence to lead him to Saratonia's assailant, he travels with the group of heroes looking for tracks.


Alferion- Fravir treats and respects Alf as a brother by blood, even if he is a bit younger. Throughout the series, Fravir has more than likely been apt to choose to travel with Alf than anyone else. He has also sworn fealty to Alf making him one of three people Fravir has every done that for.

Lady Ashen- Ashen was the one who started the quest, and as such fravir has been with her the longest, along with Alf and stephen. He sees her as a sister and a friend and has sworn fealty to her, something he has only done for two others.

Saratonia- Although it may not be clear, Fravir does have a bit of infatuation for Saratonia. He swore to her, by taking the Masamune, that he would help her retrieve her body, and avenge her fiance. He tries his hardest in all that he does to make sure she knows that he is working for her. Although he hasn't sworn fealty to her, she is the person he trusts and would do anything for the most.

Shenira- When Fravir accepted the Muramasa, he also swore by spirit bond to help Shenira. Unfortunately she wasnts to ressurect Legion. Shenira speaks to Fravir in a teasing tone and often calls him "darling."


White MagicEdit

Heart to Heart: Like Alf and Ashen, Fravir can use H2H as well. It has proven useful in many situations and he learned how to listen to other's H2H conversations.

Soul Purger: While it does affect the physical plane, this is considered white magic because of it's light affinity. This is an ability of the Masamune, Fravir used this ability when he was fused with Brendan. He used it on Darren when he had possessed Raphores to rid the man of the Dark Wizard.

Black MagicEdit

Soul Splitter: This is an ability of the Muramasa. Fravir used this on Kelco and more importantly on Bokrisiegel. He doesn't like to do it, but in some cases it needs to be done.

Judgement's Call: This has only been done once, to rid the world of Darren. In order to use this ability, Fravir had to fuse himself with brendan, as well as fused to blades of light and two blades of darkness. The result obliterated darren completely from existence.


-Fravir is the full name of Frankie the Dolphin in Cap's Dark Wolf

-Schala is the name of a character from Chrono Trigger

-The Masamune and Muramasa are common names for blades of Light and Dark affinities respectively