Gerosin Aureupyrus is a Divine Dragon who used to serve under Lord Darren.



A young dragon was around 5 years old when his older brother did something that irritated the dragonic elders, or rather, the older brother became a threat to their society. Because of this, the 5-year old boy, his older brother, and their mother were on the run for a while until the older brother made a deal with a dark wizard. The wizard gave the older brother an army to attack the elders and free them all from their oppression, and in return, the older brother sold the boy to the wizard. The wizzard then gave the child to a dark warlord and erased all the child's previous memories. Unaware of his past, the boy began to train with the warlord and spent the remainder of his childhood with the warlord. What became of the mother? Neither the dragon nor warlord knew...

Chapter OneEdit

Gerosin was a former spy of Darren. he brought Ashen to Darren the first time, enraging Alf. He challenged Alf, who made him transform into a fiery dragon. After being defeated, Alf offered for him to join the cause of defeating Darren, but he declined saying he had to rid himself of Darren's power first. He stole Darren's power but found it was a mistake. After finding and ridding himself of Darren's power, the power took the shape of Sir Homkronite. Gerosin followed Sir Homkronite, now trying to destroy Alf and co. and he joined them. He stayed with the group and when he arrived at the Tower of Digrestor, he met another Dragon, Lyla who took them to her master: Korgen's sister, Aiesha. Gerosin joins the group in a battle against Darren then. Gerosin is knocked unconscious and in his slumber, it is then that he realizes that he is a Divine Dragon.

Chapter TwoEdit

After the defeat of Darren, Gerosin began to have visions of his past. He discovers Bokrisiegel took him away from his family. After being fused with Brendan, he met his brother: Krotosen. after a fight and a win, he returned to his friends. Still fused with Brendan, Verenrath attempted to kill him in his dreams but was saved by Fravir and Saratonia. He discovers that while fused with Brendan, his dragon form is a silver color with a humanoid torso and a large blade. Gerosin soon learned that The Key was stolen by a mysterious theif and if not found soon, the Guardian would rampage. He promised to assist in the search for the Key later. When Raphores confronted the group, Gerosin offered to join the battle. When Raphores transformed into a gigantic version of Darren, Gerosin was slain.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Gerosin awoke after a long slumber before Malice and Exile. They informed him that he would have to find his way back to Alferion's group and vanished. Immediately, Gerosin was spotted by the spirit of Sir Homkronite, who implored Gerosin to help him find the Key, which was recently stolen. After much failing to find the Key, with only finding a piece of bronze, Gerosin goes to Monust to rest up. During that time Homkronite is banished back to the tower by the theif who stole the Key. Gerosin returns to learn that the theif is actually Krotosen. Krotosen reveals his plan to Gerosin that inevitably leads to the destruction of the Divine Dragon Empire. Gerosin returns to Monust to prepare for his battle with Krotosen and obtains information from Orescese, Aegis from Curdam, and later the ability to transform partially from a mysterious agent named Spenser. He defeats Krotosen and obtains the Key, but he keeps it only briefly. Soon after he is reunited with his friends, Rhade comes from behind and swipes it. When Ashen is seperated from her body, Gerosin recieves a spirit shard from Reiglash to return her to her body. Gerosin scales the Tower of Digrestor again with his comerades to kill the Guardian. The Guardian was sent running away, but it wasn't killed.

Chapter FourEdit

Back Home...Edit

Gerosin and Fravir spend most of Chapter Four with each other journeying to the Divine Dragon Realm. They depart from Monust using an item (Portail vers le ciel) that a Divine Dragon gave to Gerosin in his dream. Once in the Divine Dragon city of Gardeva (seriously guys can you guess this shoutout?), it was discovered that the Dragon drath loathe the humans. Fravir and Gerosin would have likely been beaten in the streets were it not for the Divine Dragon, Naomi, who saved them and brought them into her house. She also revealed it is her who gave them "Portail vers le ciel."

A Simple Seeming MissionEdit

Naomi then takes the two to the Sky-Tram station to reach Magna Draconis, which they successfully arived to. However, when they arrived there, Fravir was spotted rudely by a dragon, and that forced the other dragons to gang on him and seperate Gerosin from Naomi. Fravir gets annoyed, and pulls out the Masamune and lectures the dragons on how corrupt their actions were. The Divine Dragon guards stopped him, and knocked out Fravir, Gerosin, and Naomi.


The three awoke in the jails of Magna Draconis. Once they were all awake again, the guards brought them to the Divine Dragon Elders, Sogelius, Nerilian, and the once-thought-to-be-insane Orescese. Sogelius tells them that he purposely misleads the Dragon's, supposedly for their own good, and he does so with the use of The Clouds. The three then return to jail, where they meet Gerosin's mother, Demna, who appologizes for Gerosin's past, and for the childhood that Krotosen ruined. She says to Gerosin that she found a stone previously that reminded her of Gerosin, and so she kept it, but a guard took it. She tells them that they have to escape, and Fravir and Gerosin slide through the bars with the help of Saratonia. Naomi volunteers to stay with Demna. Fravir and Gerosin defeat the guards outside and take the stone back.

Mayhem and RuinEdit

They discover that Shrow'd has destroyed the city of Magna Draconis. Heartbroken, Gerosin flies with Fravir back down to the surface world, meeting up with Alf, Ashen, Korgen, Grace, Cassidy, Jencks, and the rest of the group again. They returned to Starros, where a vision of Demna told the heroes that the Guardian now rampaged over the drath continent on the other side of the sea. She also tells them that Shrow'd will be there as well. With a new destination in mind, the heroes make plans to arrive in the new continent and stop the monsters.

Walking A Path of VengeanceEdit

That night, Gerosin has a dream, that he was a child once more, and he shared a pleasant experience with his mother before Krotosen messed up the better days. Later that day, the heroes ventured to the docks, encountering Aurelius along the way, and won a ship from a drunken sailor. They set sail immediately, while Aurelius informed the group of his haunting past. When the old man finished, Gerosin had his suspicions that the old man had lied and disregarded most of what Aurelius had mentioned. Gerosin gazed upon the open sea and remembered the destruction of Magna Draconis for a moment. He hated Shrow'd instantly again and wished for his death to come soon. The heroes landed in the drath continent to find Shrow'd still bent on his genocide...

Chapter FiveEdit

A Battle with "The Dragon Slayer"Edit

Gerosin, alongside the other heroes land at the Drath continent to find themselves immediately locked in battle between them, Shrow'd's forces, and the rampaging Guardian in the distance. Gerosin, alongside Alf and Brendan, are the first party to reach Shrow'd in this fight. Within the fight Gerosin speaks with Shrow'd, and the conversation only makes him angrier. During the remainder of the fight (in which every hero in the party joined in), Gerosin remains determined that the "Dragon Slayer" must die, despite his ally's advice not to. When Shrow'd became distracted by Memphis, the fight shifted to the Guardian, who proved to be a powerful foe. It was Rhade however, that destroyed the Guardian with an "Omni-Key". At the Guardian's demise, Shrow'd escapes.


Gerosin, Korgen, and Dezeren split up from Brendan, Alf, and Ashen, in an attempt to find their friends who were MIA after the battle (Fravir and Geldon being two of them). It is during this journey that Dezeren reveals that his bow is the feared Nishvada. Remembering a stray shot from Dezeren during the previous fight, Gerosin remains cautious. When Fravir's body is found, Gerosin rejoins the group. When Ether arrives with Hamari and Hath, the group officially learns of what drath are.

What Comes Next?Edit

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Flame Rebirth - Gerosin's ability to combust and reform (doesnt work when Gerosin is in dragon form)

Black Star - Gerosin has many of these small black stars that allow a bigger and more catastrophic explosion to occur when Gerosin uses his Flame Rebirth

Partial Transformation - Using Partial Transformation, Gerosin could obtain certain body parts from his dragon form without completely switching. (example: wings) (obtained in Chapter 3)

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Communication Device - The first item Gerosin is seen with. He used to communicate with Darren with this. When Darren died at the end of Chapter 1, Gerosin gave the other one to Alf. Gerosin uses this to contact him in trouble to make up for his lack of knowing how to start a HeartToHeart Conversation.

Gerosin's Sword - In Chapter 2, Raphores gives Gerosin a regular sword for training that Gerosin never returned. However, Gerosin lost the sword when he was brought to the prisons in Magna Draconis in Chapter 4. Gerosin has a sword and uses it (not as well as his natural Drath abilities) during Chapters 2-4 but does not use the sword in Chapter 1 and Chapters 5-7.

Piece of Bronze - A piece of Bronze Gerosin found in the forest with Sir Homkronite in early Chapter 3, while searching for the Key. This same bronze is traded to Reiglash in exchange for the second spirit shard in the same Chapter.

Aegis - Gerosin's shield, given to him in Chapter 3 by Curdam. Aegis is a massive shield that not only protects the user, but heals their wounds as well. Aegis is bound to Gerosin's spirit, making carrying it easier.

"Portail vers le ciel" - (Portal to the sky) Given to him by a Divine Dragon in Chapter 3, later to be found out as Naomi, this gives Gerosin a bridgeway between the Dragon drath world and the surface world.