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Long White Hair

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Justefar, Chernabog, Verenrath


The Sacred Areoblade




Ancient Legendary Knight (Hero)



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Chapter Three (Mentioned in Chapter Two)

Lyianus is the Sacred Chosen One that was destined to be the worlds Legendary Knight that was to protect the world from evil.



Thousands of years ago in ancient times, Lyianus was the one leading an army of warriors that were fighting in the Ancient Tykina War. Once he led the army to the evil overlords castle he fought an intense battle that put him at risk of losing his own life. After the battle he managed to destory the overlord and end the war, however Lyianus was killed after a deadly blow was given to him by the overlord himself. His spirit was later brought back as another person, Brendan Luther.

Chapter 2Edit

Little is known about Lyianus but Brendan knew about him when doing research. Little did Brendan know that he himself was Lyianus reborn.

Chapter 3Edit

Lyianus appeared after Brendan finally awakened. Lyianus killed Verenrath and took Verenrath's magic book and grabbed Ashen's body and warped away to where the heros were currently located at. Korgen had a moment to see Lyianus and then he quickly reverted back to his normal form which is Brendan. Near the end of this chapter, after Brendan was knocked unconcious, Lyianus's spirit was sent to the light realm along with Fravir. Lyianus revealed to Fravir that he was indeed who Brendan really was and then began to tell a story about the Ancient Tykina War. Lyianus revealed that the evil overlord that started the war, Justefar, was really the person that the other evil one's were trying to ressurect. He also revealed that the reason why Justefar is called Legion is because that was actually a nickname someone gave him. Lyianus told Fravir to prepare himself and everyone else if Justefar was ressurected and if he is that he would be more evil and more powerful than he was thousands of years ago. Afterwards Lyianus was sent back into Brendan's body.


  • He was the first person to use The Sacred Areoblade.
  • A Lady's Quest isn't the only RPG Lyianus is in, he is also in another RPG called "The Darkness RPG." It is unknown how

Lyianus appeared in this RPG and how he could still be alive after he was killed thousands of years before both RPGS. Only time will tell how he ended up in that RPG.