Perian Luther



Hair Color

Short Length Blonde Hair

Eye Color

Bright Blue








Raphores (Husband), Lezzen (Daughter), Brendan (Son)


Loving Mother



First Appearance

Chapter Two

Perian Luther is the mother of Brendan and Lezzen. She is the wife of Raphores.



Perian was a kind loving mother who wanted to keep her children safe and was also very loving towards everyone in the family. She dosen't like it much when Raphores promises to take him out on big adventures as Brendan was young and she wanted to keep him safe from any kind of harm. For part of Brendan and Lezzen's childhood she took care of them. One night however she was had a dream about Verenrath and was murdered within that dream which killed her in reality because Verenrath is able to. When she died it caused Lezzen to run away, darkness to enter Raphores heart, and great sadness in Brendan's heart.

Chapter 2Edit

When Brendan was uncounsious after he nearly drowned in the ocean, she contacted him H2H for the first time to comfort him and let him know that she was never gone but rather was still living on within his heart. This brought lost light in his heart from years ago and gave him the strength to help defeat Darren once and for all and free his father.

Chapter 3Edit

Perian contacted her daughter, Lezzen, when she was about to plunge the final blow into Brendan. She told her that what Brendan was telling him was right and that she shouldn't worry about her because she was living within her heart just as she is within Bredan's. After she contacted Lezzen, Lezzen passed out and is still unconcious for now.


She's a kind, caring, and protective mother who wants to keep her family close to her. She's very loving and anyone could get along with her because of her sweet nature.