The Quincentennial Talisman is an ancient amulet from the Gilded Era. It resembles a phoenix and was enchanted to have the wearer burst into flames and be reborn from the ashes, like a phoenix. Aurelius began questing for this relic after he learned about it from the Scribe in Chapter Four.



Made from ruby-encrusted cold, The Quincentennial Talisman was forged into the shape of a phoenix. It was created in the Gilded Era as a gift to a wealthy king from his noble subjects. Before his followers gave it to him a sorcerer wanted to place a spell on it to avoid paying a debt. He enchanted the amulet so that whomever wore it would be purified and never die. When the nobles brought the amulet to the king, he placed it around his neck and instantly burst into flames. Out of the ashes crawled a newborn baby and the king's men blamed the sorcerer's magic. The sorcerer was condemned to death and the talisman was sold to a group of traveling merchants. The merchants held onto the amulet until they found a wealthy enough buyer in a sea port. The amulet resided with his family until recently.

Chapter FourEdit

Once Aurelius had learned about the talisman from The Scribe he immediately quested out to find it. He found it in the possession of Monte Schuller, a wealthy sea captain. After witnessing the Captain's hesitance to parting with the amulet, the druid took matters into his own hands and with the help of Dezeren they successfully stole the talisman.

When the elder put on the talisman he would have been burnt into ashes and reborn as a child; however, the curse that was placed on him nullified the talisman's magic and he reamined unchanged. Aurelius worse the amulet until he recounted on its failure out at sea. He ripped the Quincentennial Talisman from his neck and cast it into the ocean, never to plague mankind again.