Raphores Luther



Hair Color

Long Brown Hair

Eye Color

Dark Blue


Brendan, Alf, Ashen, Gerosin, Fravir, Korgen, Saritonia




Originally: The Aeroblade but changed to a normal sword


Perian (Wife), Lezzen (Daughter), Brendan (Son)


Master Swordsman



First Appearance

Chapter 2

Raphores Luther is the father of Brendan and Lezzen and the husband of Perian.



Many years before the first chapter began, Raphores was a master swordsman who fought in many wars and battles. One day he found the Sacred Aeroblade deep within a forest. From that point on until Chapter 2 Raphores was the owner of that blade. Years later a evil man named Verenrath appeared and caused a war to occur in Raphores hometown and kingdom. After a fierce battle, Verenrath was defeated by Raphores and peace returned to the area for many years to come. Some years later he met Perian and retired from his battles to raise a family and train people in the ways of the sword. Some years later he had a daughter which was Lezzen and then a few years later, Brendan. For some time he was a good man and a good father overall. One night something horrible happened. He watched as his own wife was murdered in her sleep by Verenrath's spirit. When this happened it caused darkness to enter his heart and he became a completely different person from what he was before.

Chapter TwoEdit

Raphores treated his son horribly and never allowed Brendan to be trained in the art of the sword due to the darkness within him. Sometime later Gerosin arrived to be trained by him. While he was training Gerosin, Brendan stole The Aeroblade and a his trusty shield and that caused him to become enraged and send Gerosin after him. After a while he heard no word from Gerosin so he summoned Krotosen to go after them. Krotosen continued to fail in retriving his weapons and his son and eventually Krotosen quit working for him. Because of this he set off to hunt Brendan down himself. After some time going through the same areas that the group of heros had went through he eventually made it to the group and challenged them to a battle. As the battle progressed Darren took over Raphores and used his body as a puppet and that caused him to turn into a horrible looking version of Darren. After a fierce battle Fradan freed Raphores from Darren and light returned to his heart.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Raphores was extremely sorry for the way he had treated Brendan and decided to join him and his friends on thier quest. Along the way, Raphores trained his son just like he wanted to which caused their father/son relationship to build up back to how it once was. Later in the forest after Brendan rescued Ether, Ether ran off and then shortly after returned while Raphores, Brendan amd Aiesha were hurrying towards Korgens hometown. Ether attacked Brendan and Raphores quickly came to protect his son. Ether ran off and Raphores returned to help fight off Larikai while Brendan and Aiesha rushed off to power up Korgens pendant. After the battle they went to the tower and Raphores continued on with the group. Later on after visiting the tower one time, Ashen's soul was taken from her body and Brendan and Ashen's body were warped to the castle that Lyianus himself fought his final battle at. Raphores quickly ran off to find his son. When things where looking grim for Brendan as Verenrath was about to plunge a final blow, Raphores quickly jumped in the way and was killed. When that occured Brendan's true form awakened and Lyianus killed Verenrath. Even though Verenrath had killed him he still remains in Brendan and Lezzen's hearts just the same as his wife...