Ryler was Lady Ashen's husband and the father of Cassidy. He has since died, Ryler was murdered by Darren. It was because of him that Ashen got the Shiningstar. Ashen's mother had passed down the sword to Ryler during her last breaths, hoping he would kill Darren. Ryler knew if he didn't accomplish this task, Darren would always be after Ashen. He tried his best to defeat his foe, but he was not strong enough and was killed.

Ryler makes his first appearance in Chapter Three, where he gives Ashen a quiver with a set of orange and green tipped arrows. Ashen is upset at seeing him, because this causes problems with her and Alf. She sees him again after Lexxi takes her soul, telling Ashen the only way to get her soul back is to challenge Lexxi. Ryler still has those old feelings for Ashen, but she has moved on. He rests in the Spirit World with Ashen's mother.