Hey, guys. Just a few pointers for posting on the wiki:

In the first sentence of an article you should have the name of the article bolded.

To create internal wiki links use brackets like this: [[TEXT]]

I'm still constantly adjusting the nav bar so don't be taken aback if you see anything shift over there.

I'm currently working on formatting info boxes. you can see one on Alferion's page. I'm not going to enforce them until I get the colors right but once I do there should be one on every character page.

Speaking of Alferion's page, that's my default/ example for what should be on all character pages: History, Personality, Abilities, Relations.

Avoid writing giant walls of text. If you wish to write a lot then separate what you write into paragraphs and give each paragraph a title, I'll format it for you properly if you'd like. But, Brendan, I'm talking to you!

That's all for now, I'll post more if necessary.

Happy Wiki-ing! --AdminAdam 01:39, February 9, 2010 (UTC)