Verenrath Zalladon



Hair Color

Short Black Hair

Eye Color

Dark Brown




Brendan, Lezzen, Raphores, Gerosin, Fravir, Saritonia


Black Death







First Appearance

Chapter Two

Verenrath is part of Legion's Resurrection, if not by choice, then by extent. He can enter dreams and cause disturbances within. Apparently, he can let others enter into dreams as well.



Verenrath was a mysterious man who wanted to take over the kingdom that Raphores lived in. He started a war within that kingdom but in a fierce battle with Raphores, was defeated by him. When he was killed his spirit lived on and in order for him to ressurect himself, he had to kill the person loved Raphores the most which was Perian. One day he decided that he would go forth and kill Perian. He succeded in killing Perian and bringing forth darkness into Raphores heart. Afterwards he gained his body back and began to plan his revenge and to take over the entire world.

Chapter 2Edit

Verenrath was working on his own for a time and eventually he went and joined a group of villans in hopes of them helping him take over the world and to help get revenge on Raphores by killing his son, Brendan. Verenrath had several meetings with villans like, Krotosen, Larikai, ETC in order to make plans on what he should do next. The first time Verenrath appeared he appeared in one of Brendans dreams while Brendan was still too weak and unskilled to fight and attempted to kill him only to be thrown out of him because of Brendan's friends waking him up. Before Brendan woke up he managed to injure Brendan which affected him in real life. Later he reappeared to try and make Brendan leave his friends behind. He successfully got Brendan to leave but his plan later failed when Gerosin and Fravir rescued him from drowning. Once again he appeared in a dream when Brendan and Gerosin was fused and together as Gerodan and attempted to kill Gerosin but was chased away by Fravir and Saritona. Once that was over Verenrath opened a portal for Borkisegel that allowed him to enter Alf's dream and let him try to kill Alf but Borkisegel failed to destroy him. Nothing more was heard from him after this event occurred.

Chapter 3Edit

For a good bit of the chapter, nothing was heard of Verenrath. When Ashen's soul was taken away from her, Verenrath decided that this was the right time for his last resort. Vererath appeared in Brendans dream and warped Brendan and Ashen's body to the castle that Lyianus fought his last battle in. Verenrath furiously attacked Brendan and ended up killing his father Raphores. He had succeeded in getting his revenge on Raphores for killing him all those years ago. Even though he killed Raphores he was still going to kill Brendan so that Raphores bloodline could no longer continue. However, when he killed Raphores, Brendan's true form: Lyianus, awakened and killed him completely. Before he was killed he sealed Ashen's body and left a book behind that revealed how to unseal Ashen.


Dark ParalysisEdit

Blasts Dark magic at his foe and stuns them.

Maximum Black DeathEdit

Slashes in a fury of combos and then plunges his sword into his victims stomache and shoots a powerful blast of dark magic that sends them flying.

Dark Ability BoosterEdit

His sword glows a certain color aura that enhances his abilitys like, Power, Speed, Defense, ETC.